Sunday, 23 December 2012

Home ... Mrs Peregrine's home for peculiar children.

I returned home to Slovakia on the 19th of December. The train was almost completely empty, which was good, because I had no reservation for my seat, just the ticket. On the 20th I went shopping with my mom. We bought presents for my family, but for ourselves as well. I bought Yves Saint Laurent ELLE parfume (I have been admiring how it smells for several months), cap, gloves, fake glasses from H&M men and MAC BOOK PRO. My old laptop broke down more than a month ago and I was forced to stay at university's library or borrow my boyfriend's one when I wanted to do something for school. It was horrible, haha.

I finished reading Mrs Peregrine's home for peculiar children. The story is very nice and towards the end I could not stop reading and had to finished it at once. So much suspense, haha :D I also loved the pictures, which accompany the story. They are very old, and scary. I have always admired old vintage photos, which have that horror vibe in them. You always have to wonder who were those people, or why did they dress up like that. Were they happy? Did he cheat on her? Was she crazy? I went online and searched for more pictures myself, which is what I use to do rather often, haha. Here are some of my favourites.

(the website I got these from did not include any information about them, but I will try and research the origins of them later)

I have this one as wallpaper on my laptop.

This tattoo's quality is unbelievable

Kirsten Dunst is that you? You have to admit the resemblance is there. :D

Ku Klux Klan members on ferris wheel.

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