Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Stomach, snow and tests! Joy to the world ... fetish

So .... much ... snow.... don't you ever STAPH!!!!! Sadly, according to the weather forecast, it will melt. Anyway, this week in the land of Hell:

Wednesday morning horrible stomach pain. I could barely sit in class, almost fainted, and probably failed the listening test (luckily, I did not have to PASS). This resulted in horrible quartet of days of fever, stomach cramps, migraines, etc etc. Yes, brain, why study for the tests? Have a nice horrible sickness instead.

Today I had two tests, tomorrow is another one. The last one of this week. Then two essays and I am done. Home for Christmas.

Also, sharing this:

Miss Miranda shooting with Anna Swiczeniuk for Fabulously Fetish LOOK 1 - by Anthony Ratcliffe Films from Anthony Ratcliffe Films on Vimeo.


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