Saturday, 5 October 2013

Early October Inspiration Part 2: Bedroom secrets

Video by Monarchy feat. Dita Von Teese. You can listen to it while you're reading this. I think it fits the article's mood. 

I have been following Karolina Laskowska's career for a year and a half (at least) because she is talented and creates some amazing lingerie. She currently has a "treasure hunt" going on which enables you to get 25% discount (one week only). Visit Karolina's facebook for more info. Recently, she introduced many additions to her shop. If I had enough money right now I would immediately purchased these:

Karolina also has many different and beautiful bras. I am in love with this one:

The next designer I would like to introduce is Creepyyeha. She does not do lingerie but "risqué" accessories:

And if you like shoes .... Here's Fabulously Fetish:

I think I heard someone saying they want to be my Santa and buy me gifts? :D

Finally, I can never go playing without wearing my favourite parfume: YSL's Elle:

Early October Inspiration part 1: CHANELville

So, I have almost completely escaped the 9th circle of Hell that is also known as EPIC flu that I caught last week. I decided to cheer myself up and look up some Fall fashion trends. I was not disappointed. Each year I love Chanel's ready-to-wear fall/winter collections and this year was not different. I decided that instead of red coat that I was going for this fall and winter I will stay with blacks and track down a blue coat instead of a red one. You will see why.

These are my favourites from Chanel Ready-to-Wear FW 2013-14 collection:

Puffy sleeves and huge necks.

This one would not really fit my body type, because it does not have 
a waist definition, but look how the bottom was cut-designed. Pretty.

This is what I'm talking about. This kind of blue is one of my favourite colors.
I won't stop until I get a similar one myself. These hats are also really nice. Good job Karl!

Just look at this! The combination of fabric with vinyl (I assume). Amazing!
One of my top three!

 A "classic" school girl. Again, the neck is emphasized.

 The last one of my top three. Very swan lake/snow queen. The combination 
with vinyl shoes is stunning. 

I really enjoyed watching the collection. The chain necklaces also gave me something to think about. I wrote on my facebook: "Every fall and winter, I want to move to CHANELville." It certainly is true. Here is the video of the entire show:

I was also inspired by the simplicity and design of this scarf which reminded me of pre-war era.

Modern take on a "flapper" hat.

Bags inspired me in terms of texture (reptiles) and color (that strange kind of grey).


Sunday, 31 March 2013

Karolina Laskowska

Karolina Laskowska is one of the talented lingerie designers and a lingerie designer star of the future. I not only like her designs that are currently available in her shop at but also the designs she posts on her facebook (and that are often her homework she does for the university).

The time has come again and she is  doing a giveaway/competition here!

Example of the work she does (when you click the picture it will take you to the competition, too):

Thursday, 21 February 2013


women's movement in the UK, first impressions

University of Hull has a large number of societies and anyone can join in. I picked up two. Japanese society and Women's committee (obviously). I did not know what to expect. At my home university in Czech Republic, we have no society dedicated to women's rights (if we have one, they have done a good job not being public all those 6 years I have spent there so far). Hull is a small city, maybe two times bigger than Olomouc. The universities are quite similar in the number of students, but the difference in the quality of student's societies (well, most of them) and activities is enormous.

Women's committe really tries to make a difference. The main topic of our last meeting was the women in the Hull University sport teams. I found out the men teams are often rude to the members of women sport teams and even make up derogatory songs about them. Men's attitude is very bad also during their social gatherings. According to some women from the women's teams, whom spoke at the meeting, the men tend to behave as if the women were lesser beings and during the confrontations men tend to be physical with women. When such events are reported to the authorities, nothing ever changes, because the leader of the men teams does not want to be the BAD GUY. Some women players tend to stick up with these men and as a result they turn their back on those, who don't like this violent and disrespectful behaviour.

I had mixed feelings when I came back from this meeting. If this is happening here, it must be happening at my home university as well. I study at philological faculty, which is far away from the faculty of sports. I have never heard of such problems at my uni before, but when I asked certain person about it, I got the answer: Yes, exactly the same thing is happening at Palacky University as well. Now, what should be done about it? To be continued ....

Conclusions, conclusions. Change is a very difficult matter. I have been lucky enough to meet many women in the UK (not only from Hull University), who act on the matter mentioned above, but who engage in fighting for women's rigts in general. I wish we had similar attitude in Czech and Slovak Republic as well (outside Prague and Bratislava, maybe). I hope I can bring this UK attitude back with me, when I return to Czech Republic. Theory to Action.

Many Czechs and Slovaks still think feminism is for lesbians and ugly women. They think feminists hate men, they want to wear trousers all the time, never wear make up and are offended any time men tries to help them. NO. NO. NO. NO. A feminist is a woman, who loves and respects herself and who wants other women to love and respect themselves as well. A feminist wants men to love women and respect women.

BTW, one of the stupidest arguments is when men try to oppose: "So, you want equal rights, but a man can never hit a woman. But the men fight with men all the time." Well, I got news for you: If you like solving problems with men by the means of violence, there is something wrong with that as well. Think about it. No one has a right to beat another person. Your argument is invalid. (of course, I am aware many will disagree).

Now, some funny video I found today:

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Japanese movies - recommendation 1

I do not consider myself to be an expert on movies, so my recommendations are based only on my personal taste. On the other hand, I really enjoy movies that have something more to say, or/and employ interesting visual work.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Photos from the past ....

WARNING! Lots of photos!!! 

Old coin made into pendant, belonged to my grand grand grand mother. Year 1872.

(This is only about my mother's grandmother's family.)

Today I went to see my mother's mother, Gabriela, and borrowed from her some of the old family photos. I scanned most of them and I will now post here the ones I found to be the most interesting ones. I will also write some informations about her family:

- in the 15/16th century, my grandmother's family was very rich. One of the male members of the family was awarded and promoted by Matthias Corvinus. Later, other male member fell in love with a poor girl and he decided to marry her - as a result he was disinherited and thus became very poor. The other part of the family, that he left behind, remained rich and they still are - even today they still own several big properties. When my mother and grandmother visited them some years ago (just to share with them what we found about families history), their behaviour was very coldhearted.

- one of my grandmother's brother died only a few months old, during the war. They had almost nothing to feed him with. As a result he fell ill and died. When we visited grandmother's village 7 years ago, I saw his grave. 

- my grandmother's father served in war and was captured and placed in concentration camp. He survived.

- after one of the attacks on my grandmother's village (it was an air raid), her grandmother went out to check if everything is safe. One of the aeroplanes came back and started to shoot at her. She survived only thanks to the trees. She began to run and hid under their crowns. Brave Grand grand grandmother.


My grandmother's mother, Štefania Kováčová, born Hollosy. She was 16 years old when this photo was taken in 1920.