Sunday, 17 February 2013

Japanese movies - recommendation 1

I do not consider myself to be an expert on movies, so my recommendations are based only on my personal taste. On the other hand, I really enjoy movies that have something more to say, or/and employ interesting visual work.

Finding a good Japanese movie is a hard and a difficult task, since many of them disappear from the internet soon after they are (illegaly) uploaded. There are not many blogs dedicated to them either. Last week I went to the meeting of Japanese society and I was more than disappointed by the movie they picked. Well, it was actually a part of a series called Fruits basket. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind people having different tastes, but because the title of the movie was not known in advance and because I was told we will be offered several movie titles to choose from, I actually went to the meeting. I was so annoyed by it that I had to leave and since then I have been longing to see some good Japanese movie. I found one, and I decided to make a few blogposts about Japanese movies that are usually not on the lists of the "Best and famouse Japanese movies". On the other hand, they are not too underground that they would be impossible to find, haha. Some of you may have stumbled upon them already.

(the order of the movies is not based on any rating)

Tokyo Decadence

Directed by Ryuu Murakami, Tokyo Decadence is a film, which was made more than 20 years ago, in 1992. I found it cca 3 years ago, while I was searching for the videos from Tokyo Decadence events in Tokyo. This erotic movie reflects the mood of the late 80's and early 90's, comments on the individuals as well as on the public, emphesizes the effect of economical wealth and its sudden decrease. The disillusion within the "Japanese" dream. The main character is a prostitute, so if you do not feel comfortable watching explicit sexual scenes, you probably should not watch it.

Funeral Parade of Roses

Right now, you can watch it on youtube, just click on the video above. It has 8 parts. This is the movie I watched today and it tells a story of a love triangle between two shemales "queens" and a gangster. The movie takes an inspiration from the Oedipus Rex story, but with a different twist. Funeral Parade of Roses was supposed to be a great inspiration for Kubrick's Clockwork Orange. I can honestly say I am not surprised if Kubrick felt really inspired by it. If you do not want to watch Tokyo Decadence, I suggest you watch this one. Also, compared to the Tokyo Decadence, it contains less nudity, but one gore scene at the end (it's a short one, though).


Last, but not least, is a movie called Blind Beast, directed by Yasuzo Masumura (also available on youtube, click on the video above).  Great movie with easy Japanese dialogues and monologues, so great for learning as well :D. A blind sculptor becomes obsessed with a female model. He kidnaps her in order to finish his masterpiece. Their relationships develops in an unexpected way and the movie ends with grand finale, and I must admit it really is GRAND. The movie can be interpreted in several ways. The visual representation is also very elaborate. 

I hope you find this short list helpful, more movies to come!

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