Sunday, 10 February 2013


So, I guess it's the time I write a blog about me coming to the UK :D

Everything was pretty fast. I had my last test on the 21st of January, I had to pack all my stuff and move it from Czech to Slovak Republic on Jan. 22nd and then on the 23rd 4am we were heading towards Austria and Vienna Airport. Everything went smoothly and I was holding my ticket in my hands and going through the airport security. Of course, I beeped :D
I was flying from Vienna to London Heathrow and from there to Manchester. Luckily, Heathrow has everything organised and it was impossible to get lost with all the signs and arrows pointing in different directions, but clearly marking the way one wants to go :).

(I saw MAC Cosmetics counter at the airport, but I did not purchase anything. Yeah. DID NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING.)

Anyway, when I arrived at the Manchester airport, I met Sophie, who was on the same plane, but we did not know of each other :D We waited for Sue from international office to pick us up, then we waited for the last people to arrive and finally we headed to Hull. Getting use to the English system of driving on the left side takes some time, and on a few occasions I thought we were going to crash, but I quickly realised "Nope, it's England, we drive on the left!".

I did not know what to expect of my house, about which I knew only the address. It turns out, it is amazing. I also have great roommates: Fiorella from New Mexico (born in Peru), Jenny from Vietnam (but she is studying in Netherlands) and Jojo, a Chinese girl, who does not really communicate with us, unless she wants us to do something for her.

First two weeks were hectic, we had to do so much paper work, that we could not fully enjoy our Erasmus exchange. This week should be the first one without any paperwork (well, almost).

Studying at Hull University is like having a holiday, compared to Palacky University, my alma mater. Every subject (aka module) is for 20 credits, and you only need 60 credits per semester (3 modules only!). The work load is almost the same, but the BA modules last ONLY for 50 minutes, MA modules for 110. 
Main difference lies in the module organisation - you don't necessarily have the seminar/lecture/movie screenings each week and the rooms can also change.

One more thing - Spring holidays last for 3 weeks, now I can understand why the Spring break is such a big deal.

I forgot my memory card at home in Slovakia, but I am going to buy a new one next week. Now, have some pictures (taken by Jenny):

Obviously, a bridge

The Deep, the world's only submarium

 from left to right: Lea, me, Sophie and Jenny

The Mission - pub, which was previously a church

We went to Nando's - of course, I went for the extra hot version. It was yummy! 

Vintage market!

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