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Photos from the past ....

WARNING! Lots of photos!!! 

Old coin made into pendant, belonged to my grand grand grand mother. Year 1872.

(This is only about my mother's grandmother's family.)

Today I went to see my mother's mother, Gabriela, and borrowed from her some of the old family photos. I scanned most of them and I will now post here the ones I found to be the most interesting ones. I will also write some informations about her family:

- in the 15/16th century, my grandmother's family was very rich. One of the male members of the family was awarded and promoted by Matthias Corvinus. Later, other male member fell in love with a poor girl and he decided to marry her - as a result he was disinherited and thus became very poor. The other part of the family, that he left behind, remained rich and they still are - even today they still own several big properties. When my mother and grandmother visited them some years ago (just to share with them what we found about families history), their behaviour was very coldhearted.

- one of my grandmother's brother died only a few months old, during the war. They had almost nothing to feed him with. As a result he fell ill and died. When we visited grandmother's village 7 years ago, I saw his grave. 

- my grandmother's father served in war and was captured and placed in concentration camp. He survived.

- after one of the attacks on my grandmother's village (it was an air raid), her grandmother went out to check if everything is safe. One of the aeroplanes came back and started to shoot at her. She survived only thanks to the trees. She began to run and hid under their crowns. Brave Grand grand grandmother.


My grandmother's mother, Štefania Kováčová, born Hollosy. She was 16 years old when this photo was taken in 1920.

The back of this photo is also nice. It is a hardback.

Her husband, Pavol Kováč, cca 18-20 years old. He looks like a movie start in this photo (imho).

Štefania.  cca 1931.

Štefania (on the right) and her friend (?) 1934

Štefania and her older sister Mariška. They don't really look like sisters, haha. Year uknown.

Štefania. Year uknown. I really like this photo, because of her face and eyes looking straight into the camera, her body barely visible, because she wears black coat and the background is black, too. 

Štefania cca 1958

This photo is also very nice. The background is blurry, but the front (branches) is in focus. In the background is my grandmother, and her younger brother Šani (short for Alexander). Her mother is standing in front of them, talking to their visitors. On the right side in the background is a school. I love how my grandmother has her hands behind her back, just like her mother, and is overlooking in the same direction, her knee bend - so cute. I think I find this photo beautiful also, because the visitors are in my grandmother's house, but the my grandmother's family is on the outside of their own house, like they were the visitors and not vice versa.
The year was 1942.

My grandmother Gabriela and her older brother Laci (Ladislav). She has always been so beautiful! year 1942.

Mother Štefania with her three children - Gabriela, Laci and Šani. Year uknown, but it was around the same period of time, judging by their looks.

Grandmother's older brother, Laco. Year unknown. I like this one a lot as well. He looks so alone as if he was abandoned on a solitary island. :) He is so little.

Hahaha. The story about this photograph is very funny. When she was little, my grandmother hated her full lips so she scratched them out of the picture. It looks so creepy :D

Uncle Lajko (short for Ľudovít), who was my grandmother's mother's brother :D with his wife. Year unknown.

Lajko (on the right) with his brother Jozef and their parents (which were also Štefania's parents). I knew his brother, on the left. He was a bus driver, unlike Lajko who was a lawyer to be, but could not pass the attestation tests. We visited them several times. The father looks like he could be one of the Addams family :D (I don't think of it as a bad thing, haha).


Pavol Kováč (Štefania's husband), grandmother's father, when he was older, 1950.

Pavol Kováč's sister. She was pretty! Year uknown.

Štefania's sister Mariška and her husband. They had no children, but were a happy couple and later quite rich. They argued a lot, but it never seriously, if you know what I mean. They loved each other, and after their arguments, when he came back to the room, he always called her mamushka .... :D

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