Saturday, 5 October 2013

Early October Inspiration Part 2: Bedroom secrets

Video by Monarchy feat. Dita Von Teese. You can listen to it while you're reading this. I think it fits the article's mood. 

I have been following Karolina Laskowska's career for a year and a half (at least) because she is talented and creates some amazing lingerie. She currently has a "treasure hunt" going on which enables you to get 25% discount (one week only). Visit Karolina's facebook for more info. Recently, she introduced many additions to her shop. If I had enough money right now I would immediately purchased these:

Karolina also has many different and beautiful bras. I am in love with this one:

The next designer I would like to introduce is Creepyyeha. She does not do lingerie but "risqué" accessories:

And if you like shoes .... Here's Fabulously Fetish:

I think I heard someone saying they want to be my Santa and buy me gifts? :D

Finally, I can never go playing without wearing my favourite parfume: YSL's Elle:

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